Health Through A Servant's Heart

José's smile lights up the room as he walks through the door for a week-long visit from volunteers at La Clínica de la Mariposa* (The Clinic of the Butterfly) in Costa Rica. He is happy because for many years, José was unable to walk due to a disease that affects his joints and bones.

As he wheels himself in with the assistance of his walker, he is welcomed by an integrated healthcare team. These professionals and student interns in the areas of chiropractic and massage therapy provide treatment at no cost to patients in Costa Rica who don't have access to quality or timely healthcare.

While Costa Rica does have a government healthcare system, many people still don't have access to care when they need it. It is common in that system to have appointments scheduled six month to a year later for a problem that needs immediate attention. For those suffering from chronic conditions, they rarely get the follow-up care that they require.

This is where La Clínica da la Mariposa steps in. Volunteers from around the world collaborate three times per year to form an itinerant health care clinic that travels between communities in Costa Rica, providing health care treatment, counseling, and advice. With the help of translators, all language barriers are overcome, and the participants, both volunteers and patients, experience what life is like in another culture.

When La Clínica de la Mariposa comes to José's community twice per year, he goes through his health history with his doctor, has a chiropractic evaluation and treatment if needed, and may even receive a relaxing massage--all on the same day! He doesn't have access to similar care anywhere in Costa Rica. Over the years he has been visited by the clinic, his walking has improved and the effects of his condition have decreased. José's story is only one of thousands who have participated in La Clínica de la Mariposa over the last 13 years.

We thank you for your interest in our health care service mission and we hope you will consider donating or volunteering to become a part of our team.

Get an idea of what La Clínica de la Mariposa is like by watching our video:

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La Clinica de la Mariposa Costa Rica 2014

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