Q.  I am a health care student at a university that has not yet participated with La Clinica de la Mariposa. How can I find out if my university will allow me to participate?

A.  Participation in La Clinica de la Mariposa is open to students from natural health care universities who have programs in chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, oriental medicine, and other natural health care professions. For students to participate, they must have approval by the Dean of their respective program in their university and meet the requirements of the La Clinica program. Interested students should meet with their Dean to discuss the opportunity and have them contact us for details.

Q.  How many patients does La Clínica de la Mariposa serve each year?

A.  There are over 2,000 patient visits with La Clínica de la Mariposa each year, and the demand for services continues to grow.

Q.  Where does La Clínica de la Mariposa get funds to operate the clinic?

A.  La Clínica de la Mariposa is funded by Santé, Inc., a U.S. 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Q.  Where does Santé, Inc., receive its donations from?

A.  Most of Santé's funding comes from individual contributions, with partial funding from trip fees from participating universities. The balance is received from a combination of foundations, corporations, and special events. For more information on how to become a supporter of Santé and La Clínica de la Mariposa, just visit our Donate page.

Q.  How many volunteers does La Clínica de la Mariposa have, and what kind of work do they do?

A.  In any given community, we have about 25-40 volunteers who support La Clínica de la Mariposa with their time and energy. Health care volunteers include supervising doctors of chiropractic and other health care professionals as well as chiropractic and massage student interns. Costa Rican volunteers include local women who coordinate the clinic in their community, translators, and those who help with scheduling and guiding patients, cooking, and cleaning, as well as others. In the past we have also have volunteers from the clergy, social workers, dentists, nurses, and acupuncturists. Adolescents have visited with their parents and helped to paint buildings and to translate. There's no job too big or too small, so if you'd like to help, visit our Volunteer page to learn more about volunteering at La Clínica de la Mariposa.

Q.  What is a typical Clinic patient like?

A.  There is no such thing as a "typical" patient. We serve people of all ages who don't have access to the health care they need. Our patients include men, women, adolescents, children, and babies, who may be suffering from acute or chronic conditions, or who just want to learn how to prevent illnesses and injuries or how to maintain their health. La Clínica de la Mariposa provides integrated health care services, including chiropractic care, massage therapy, and natural health care education.

Q.  Is La Clínica de la Mariposa really "free?"

A.  For our patients, absolutely. There is no charge for any service, and there are no criteria to qualify to receive treatment at La Clínica de la Mariposa. If we believe the patient needs additional care that we cannot provide or is out of the scope of practice of our volunteers, we assist the patient in securing follow-up care within the national health care system or through a private clinic or hospital.

Q.  When is the next La Clínica de la Mariposa experience?

A.  Please see our Calendar page for specific dates.

Q.  Can I get involved with La Clínica de la Mariposa?

A.  Absolutely. La Clínica de la Mariposa is always looking for volunteers and financial supporters. For more information, see our volunteer page, or contact us.

Q.  I have a question that's not on the FAQ page. Where can contact you?

A.  Please visit our Contact Us page.