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2006 and 2007

During 2006 L Clinica provided services in nine communities in Costa Rica, namely Guarari in Heredia, Desamparados, Los Chiles near the Nicaragua border, Alajuelita, Alajuela, San Ramon, Cartago, Tres Rios and Liberia. In 2007 the same tradition has continued with a trip in February and one planned for June. We continue to serve three times per year in February, June and October. We have between four and six studnts. Thus far we have had students primarily from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota, but recently two have come from Anglo-European College in Bournemouth, England and Canadian Memorial College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. All have been outstanding students and participants in the life-changing experience. All have indicated that their experience with La Clinica has provided them with insights into themselves and confidence in their professional capabilities as well as an incredible opportunity for service. We are in our seventh year of service in Costa Rica, providing care without charge for these populations.

Practicing chiropractors have joined us from over the US, New Zealand and Canada. Other professionals have included massage therapists, acupuncturists, a social worker, a dental hygenist, interpreters and others. These volunteers have come from the US, Canada and Germany. We truly are an international organization. During their stay they have been housed in the apartments in Santa Lucia in near Heredia, with private families and in a hotel in the Heredia area.

Our plan is to continue to provide this service to the people of these communities under the umbrella organization of the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. A trip is planned for this June with service in Heredia, Liberia and Alajuelita. We look forward to again providing our health care services as professionals committed to a high ethical standard and always with great enthusiasm.

Tom Davis, DC
President, Sante, Inc