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October 2007

On October 1 the Clinic was initiated under the auspices of the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA San Jose) with the first week in Alajuelita, then on to Los Chiles in week two near the Nicaragua border and finally Desamparados for the final week. Supervising the Clinic were Drs. Gray Kimbrell, Jason Bartlett and Thomas Davis in that order. Students participating were from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota and were Jossue Ortiz, Heather Worthington, John Tomlinson and Myhre Shaver.

The weather this time of year was rainy as usual, but even more so as the country received a record amount of rainfall with floods and landslides. In our travels to and from the Clinic we had rain and much traffic especially on the trips to the San Jose area on the way to Desamparados. We all enjoyed visiting the tourist areas in and around the Central Valley including our favorite restaurant Café Mundo in San Jose.

Our medical doctor, Javier Vasques accompanied us each day and provided essential support services including detailed information on each patient. Other members of CFCA staff gave us the necessary support of space, administration of patient records and our daily lunches. The food provided to us by the staff has been nutritious and well presented. We commend all for this effort. The last afternoon in Desamparados the staff and patients showed appreciation for our work with a party with gifts to us and an original play written and performed for this occasion. Food and dancing followed.

We were accommodated as usual in our apartments in Santa Lucia with Sonia Solanos our landlady. As always she took care of our needs and got us on the right track. We made financial contributions to CFCA to help with the transportation on the bus, food in Los Chiles and for interpreters to help us in translation.

The residents of each community that we serve indicate to the CFCA staff that they look forward to our coming each time that we return to Costa Rica. This welcome always provides much of the payback for us. We give our treatment gratis and are loved in return. This trip we saw many remarkable cases that will be noted and discussed with each other. This trip we saw 177 new patients and had a total of 741 patient visits during our three-week clinic. We have been making a concerted effort to see more of our previous patients to provide long-term follow-up and consistency of care. We feel that this work is going well and the patients are being served in the best manner possible. We have been facilitated in our work through the use of the recently completed Manual for the operation of this Clinic and by the guidelines provided by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC).

We remain optimistic about the future as we enter our eighth year of providing this service to the underserved in Costa Rica.

Thomas Davis, MUP, DC
Chairman Santé, Inc,
DBA in Costa Rica as La Clinica de la Mariposa