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The forms below are only to be filled out and submitted by those who have been confirmed as participants with La Clínica de la Mariposa. If you have not yet applied, please fill out the application first. Thank you.

Form #1:  Santé/La Clinica de la Mariposa Volunteer Manual Quiz:

Once you have received notice that you have been selected for participation in one of our volunteer clinics, please read the Student and Professional Volunteer Manual and the Emergency Information Manual. Then, complete and submit the quiz by clicking on the link above. You must receive a score of 80% or above in order to go on the trip. Your quiz will be reviewed and graded by a representative of Santé, Inc., and you will be notified of your score via email. Thank you and do well.

Please fill out the above form, providing detailed information to Santé, Inc. in case of an emergency during your volunteer service.